Window Treatments Quiz
by Staff
This window treatments quiz will test your knowledge of designing and installing window treatments. Test yourself with the window treatments quiz.

Is there a difference between curtains and draperies?

  • Yes
  • No

Curtains cannot ...

  • pool on the floor.
  • be locked.
  • hang from a rod.
  • drape or swag.

Which is not considered a type of blind?

  • vertical
  • woven wood
  • roller
  • 1-inch mini

Blinds aren't made of:

  • glass.
  • wood.
  • aluminum.
  • plastic.

Which is not considered a soft shade?

  • Roman
  • pleated
  • honeycomb
  • cornice

Which is not considered a feature of soft shades?

  • privacy
  • noise reduction
  • energy efficient
  • easy care

Which is not a type of shutter?

  • 2
  • faux wood
  • 3/4
  • 1

Which is not true of shutters?

  • They're outdated.
  • They've made a comeback.
  • They come in many colors and sizes.
  • They're available in water-proof vinyl.

Which can't be used as a valance or topper?

  • scarves
  • fruit
  • sport pennants
  • fabric napkins

Which is not an affordable way to dress up a window?

  • tassels
  • decorative tape
  • custom fabric
  • creative rods