The Ultimate Window Treatments Tips and Tricks Quiz
by Staff
Windows are a part of every home, allowing light and air inside. They can also become a feature of the room if designed well. Takes this quiz to learn the tips and tricks of window treatments.

If you want to create an expensive-looking window on a tight budget, what should you do?

  • Break the window and claim it on insurance.
  • Add trims and tassels.
  • Invest in expensive glass cleaner to make the window sparkle.

What can you use to increase the amount of light coming through your window?

  • tempered glass
  • colored glass
  • longer rods

How can you increase the amount of light coming through the window in more private areas?

  • Use shutters that open from the top.
  • Use shutters that open from the bottom.
  • Use colored glass.

What sort of window shutters are good for the bathroom?

  • real wood
  • vinyl
  • metal

What is an inexpensive object you can use to hang curtains from?

  • door knobs
  • buttons
  • nails

What would you use to create a layered effect on a window?

  • fly-screen
  • blinds
  • curtains

How can you keep the cost down when buying curtains for your window?

  • Cover only half the window.
  • Sew old clothes together.
  • Buy material from a material discount store.

Binding a nice fabric at the top and side edges of the window can add a nice touch. In which country is this style popular?

  • Japan
  • India
  • Thailand

What can be used as inspiration for a window design that adds a personal touch to your home?

  • a design magazine
  • the view outside the window
  • your friend's windows

How can you incorporate your photos into your window?

  • Cover a valance with cork and stick pictures into it.
  • Tape pictures onto the window.
  • Pin pictures onto your curtains.