Quiz: Wine Country Gardens
by Staff
Many wineries are turning some of their plentiful acreage into spectacular gardens that expand a traveler's wine tour experience. How much do you know about wine country gardens? Take our quiz to find out!

When is the best time to visit wine country gardens?

  • winter and spring
  • summer and fall
  • all of the above

When can you can see tulips?

  • all spring
  • all summer
  • for a limited time in spring

In autumn, grapevines are bare of fruit, but what color are they?

  • a bland brown
  • an array of fall colors
  • bright green

Where can wine country gardens can be found?

  • in select wine regions around the country
  • only in northern California
  • only at large wineries

What do wine country gardens feature?

  • flora that's native to the area
  • plants from around the world
  • both of the above

If you want to visit a wine country garden while grapevines are filled with grapes, when should you go?

  • summer
  • spring
  • fall

When are wine country gardens usually open?

  • year-round
  • any time of day
  • neither of the above

Who is in charge of gardens in the wine country?

  • They're always owned and operated by wineries.
  • They're sometimes not affiliated with a specific winery.
  • They're usually co-ops run by groups of wineries.