The Ultimate Wine Tour Quiz
by Staff
A wine tour can be a great addition to your travel plans. Consider stopping at a vineyard for a brief afternoon visit or take an extended tour of vineyards with a travel company for several days or even weeks. Wine tours include a variety of activities, including wine tasting. Take this quiz and learn more about wine tours.

What is typically included in a wine tour?

  • taste wine
  • get a tour of wine production
  • both of the above

How long does a wine tour last?

  • a few hours
  • a few days
  • either of the above

What mode of transportation can you use to tour vineyards?

  • car
  • kayak
  • either of the above

The leaves and grape skins are removed from the grape during wine processing. The leaves and grape skins are used for:

  • compost
  • grape jelly
  • grape potpourri

How much does a typical wine tour cost?

  • It's free.
  • It's moderately expensive.
  • It's very expensive.

How do you arrange a wine tour?

  • on your own
  • through a tour company
  • either of the above

How much wine will you be able to sample during a wine tour?

  • one type of wine
  • two to three types of wine
  • four to six types of wine

What does the vineyard host explain during the wine tour?

  • the different types of grapes
  • the different stages of wine making
  • both of the above

Before you head off for a wine tour:

  • plan where you'll be eating meals
  • buy appropriate clothing
  • purchase the wineries wine from your local store

Where can you purchase wine at a vineyard?

  • directly from your host
  • at the bar
  • in the gift shop

Where in California can you visit wineries?

  • Sonoma valley
  • Napa valley
  • both of the above

Besides California, where else can you go on a wine tour?

  • Michigan and Oregon
  • Lake Erie and Niagara
  • both of the above

Some wine tours also include:

  • golfing
  • gardening
  • tennis playing

What do you do at a wine boot camp?

  • You harvest grapes.
  • You participate in the fermentation process.
  • both of the above

During what time of year should you schedule your wine tour?

  • during the growing season
  • during the harvesting season
  • either of the above

What is the first thing you should do when given a wine sample?

  • sniff the wine
  • hold up the wine glass to the light
  • swirl the wine glass

A younger wine will _________ when titled to the rim of the wine glass.:

  • become translucent
  • maintain uniformity
  • look pinkish

What does a prune smell signify when sniffing a wine?

  • an older wine
  • a fruity wine
  • a bad aging process

What type of smell indicates a quality wine?

  • flowers and oak
  • vanilla and coconut
  • both of the above

If you ask for a second sample of a particular wine, you will need to:

  • pay for the second sample
  • buy a bottle of that wine
  • both of the above