Word to the Wise: Wisdom Tooth Extraction Quiz
by Staff
They try to enter your mouth as you are older and, presumably, wiser. But wisdom teeth usually create more problems than benefits. So, what do you know about the removal or extraction process, and what can be expected during and after this relatively routine procedure?

Wisdom tooth extractions are so routine that complications occur only:

  • about 10 percent of the time
  • about 5 percent of the time
  • less than 2 percent of the time

Another term for wisdom teeth is:

  • Third Molars
  • Recessed Chompers
  • Posterior Cuspids

True or False: Wisdom teeth did not appear in early man.

  • TRUE

Why do wisdom teeth often come in at odd angles?

  • Wisdom and oddities go hand in hand.
  • Our modern diet adversely affects the growth of wisdom teeth.
  • Our jaws have become smaller.

True or False: If your wisdom teeth come in perfectly, there's no need to have them removed.

  • TRUE

What percentage of the population requires the removal of their wisdom teeth?

  • approximately 45 percent
  • approximately 85 percent
  • approximately 98 percent

When should wisdom teeth be extracted?

  • the sooner the better
  • the later the better
  • not until they cause problems

The pain during the extraction is said to be:

  • akin to childbirth
  • akin to stubbing a toe
  • usually non-existent

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

  • a tooth that has been crushed or broken
  • a tooth that is growing backward
  • a tooth that is below the gum line

True or False: It's unlikely you'll need anything more than Tylenol for post extraction pain.

  • TRUE

How much bed rest will you need following wisdom tooth extraction?

  • at least 24 hours
  • at least a week
  • none

What can you use for post-procedure bleeding?

  • a Band-Aid
  • gauze
  • hydrogen peroxide

Should you brush your teeth during recovery?

  • Yes, but be careful of the sutured areas.
  • No, leave the mouth alone until healing can occur.
  • Only if you have a date

After having your wisdom teeth removed, you can expect:

  • swelling in the mouth and cheeks
  • 10 days of bed rest
  • to speak with a cheerful British accent

True or False: You should make certain you spit after brushing your teeth.

  • TRUE

You should avoid exercise for how many days following wisdom tooth extraction?

  • one day
  • three to four days
  • about 10 days

True or False: Bacteria can enter your bloodstream as a result of infection.

  • TRUE

True or False: Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics before and after extraction if you have a weakened immune system.

  • TRUE

If you are a woman taking antibiotics, what should you keep in mind?

  • It could interfere with oral birth control.
  • You may have more bleeding.
  • Your recovery may be slower.

After having your wisdom teeth removed, it's OK to eat:

  • mashed potatoes
  • smoothies
  • soup
  • all of the above