The Ultimate Witchcraft Quiz
by Staff
Sure, we all know about broomsticks and cauldrons … Which only has a very small basis in the historical and modern reality of witchcraft. Learn your Wicca from your warlocks and test your knowledge of the culture of witchcraft through history.

What's a witch?

  • A person who works with the devil.
  • A person who uses magic and natural forces.
  • Yeah, what IS a witch?

The Romans punished those who practiced "magic:"

  • with crucifixion
  • only if it was bad magic
  • They were revered, not punished.

What changed the reputation for witches as being worshippers of Satan?

  • the plague
  • Christianity
  • the Salem Witch Trials

What instigated the Salem Witch Trials?

  • An old woman was found with various potions in her cottage.
  • Some girls claimed they saw a witch flying through the air.
  • Two girls suffered convulsions and claimed they were being bitten or pinched.

In a nine-month period, how many "witches" were executed in the hysteria around Salem?

  • 12
  • 20
  • 7

What is a pagan religion?

  • a religion based in nature
  • a religion with magic
  • a religion that worships multiple deities

Why is "magick" designated with a k?

  • to make it sound old-timey
  • to distinguish it from Penn and Teller-type magic
  • to distinguish good "magick" from evil "magic"

In Navajo culture, what does a witch do to disguise him or herself at night?

  • wears the skin of an animal
  • wears a pointed hat
  • grows facial hair

The Zande tribe in the Congo believe that a witch's power is:

  • unlimited
  • the spirit of a dead relative
  • in her stomach

Most cultures that believe in witchcraft do NOT blame witchcraft for:

  • all death
  • rational accidents or problems with reasonable causes
  • both

In the 15th and 16th century, prominent witch hunts took place in:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • England

What was one method for determining if a woman was a witch?

  • pricking them to see if the devil made them impervious to pain
  • seeing if her index toe was longer than her big toe
  • pushing her from a great height to see if she would fly

The Bacchanalia -- a Greco-Roman precursor to the Western image of hedonistic underground worship -- was originally attended by:

  • only men
  • only women
  • only peasants

Wicca is an extremely ancient religion.

  • TRUE
  • It's not a religion at all.

Wiccans worship:

  • the Goddess
  • a goat
  • no deity

Wiccans worship in groups called:

  • klatch
  • covens
  • congress

However, Wiccan witches can also practice in:

  • circles
  • solo
  • both

The Wiccan Rede states:

  • If it harm none, do what you will.
  • Be kind.
  • Don't be evil.

The precursor to Halloween was called:

  • Samhain
  • All Saint's Day
  • October 30th

Appalachian folk magic uses:

  • Native American traditions
  • Christian beliefs
  • both

What does kitchen or cottage witchery entail?

  • practicing alone
  • using herbs and edibles in spells
  • only using live animals

Kabbala is a form of:

  • Jewish witchcraft
  • Jewish mysticism
  • evil worship

Do Wiccans believe in the devil?

  • nope
  • yes
  • They believe in a devil-type figure called Jerome.

What's a warlock?

  • a male witch
  • a witch who betrays another witch
  • a sorcerer

Wiccans believe that doing harm will come back to them:

  • in the form of ill health
  • as a financial blow
  • threefold

The broom (or besom) is used for what in Wiccan culture?

  • to ride on
  • to purify a space or direct energy
  • It isn't used.

What does the term "skyclad" mean in Wiccan ritual?

  • nudity
  • doing spells in nature
  • using only your breath to cast spells

Winter solstice is celebrated as:

  • Yule
  • Christmas
  • Xmas

How many Wiccan holidays are there?

  • 8
  • 12
  • 4

The Wiccan Great Rite includes a:

  • dance
  • (generally symbolic) sexual union
  • airing of grievances