The Ultimate Wonderful Winter Décor Quiz
by Staff
Celebrate the joys of winter by applying your talents to adding wonderful winter décor to your home. Are you searching for some simple decorating ideas that reflect the style and charm of your unique personality? Get your creative juices flowing by taking this quiz.

What is one way to celebrate the blessings in your life during the winter holidays?

  • Put up as many lights as possible.
  • Let your décor reflect your joy and spirit.
  • Invite several guests over to help you with the decorating.

What can you do to give windows a wintry holiday look?

  • Apply stencils that simulate wintery stained glass images.
  • Apply a light frost of spray snow.
  • Hang a child’s artwork.

What is a nice way to show off your frosted windows at night?

  • Place decorative candles on a small table beside the windows at night.
  • Hang a small halogen flood lamp above the window to provide backlight.
  • Place an electric candle at each window.

What is a good way to add a formal festive splash to your dinning area?

  • Tie a colorful satin bow on the back of each chair.
  • Sew red or gold satin chair back covers and slip them onto each chair.
  • Drape colorful tinsel garland across the back of each chair.

What is a nice way to add focus and flare to the center of a table?

  • Add a clear glass bowl filled with small glass ornaments to the center of the table.
  • Put a seasonal ice sculpture in the center before your guests arrive.
  • Place a seasonal flower arrangement in the center of the table.

What is an artistic way to bring seasonal decor to your table?

  • You can paint seasonal images on plain white placemats.
  • You can paint a winter scene on a clear glass fruit bowl.
  • You can paint multicolor stripes on inexpensive stemware.

What is a good way to give photos or artwork a seasonal appeal?

  • Drape garland or plastic holly on your wall hangings.
  • Its best to take some of them down and replace them with holiday hangings.
  • Wrap some of them up like gifts for the holidays.

What is a great way to entertain kids and feed the birds as well?

  • They can make suet balls to hang on the trees.
  • Have them string popcorn and hang it on the trees like garland.
  • Help them decorate seasonal birdfeeders made out of empty milk cartons.

How can kids add color to a popcorn garland they are making?

  • Intersperse small fruit like raisins and grapes between the popcorn.
  • Color popcorn with food coloring applied using small spray bottles.
  • Alternate popcorn kernels with fruity cereal.

What is a nice natural and inexpensive way to decorate around your home?

  • Spray the tips of pinecones with gold or snow spray.
  • Make use of fresh pine or spruce boughs.
  • Hang real mistletoe in strategic spots.