The Ultimate Wood Stove Quiz
by Staff
It is a well-known fact that fireplaces are not energy-efficient heating sources, even though everyone enjoys the warmth and beauty of a crackling wood fire. Modern wood stoves may be your answer to an energy-efficient wood fire with all the benefits of a traditional fireplace.

Most everyone loves a roaring fireplace, but what is a fact that makes one less attractive?

  • All older fireplaces are a fire hazard.
  • Fireplaces suck heat out of the home when they burn.

What could be a good solution to a fireplace?

  • a gas heater
  • a modern wood stove
  • an electric fireplace

What is a unique feature of a modern wood stove versus a fireplace that could still be considered a drawback?

  • Modern wood stoves burn wood more efficiently than a fireplace, but are not as clean as gas.
  • Modern wood stoves produce far less pollution than a fireplace, but not as much as a furnace.
  • Modern wood stoves are designed for everyday use, so they use more wood than a fireplace.

What should you do if you are considering a wood stove installation?

  • You should consult with a wood heating professional before you make any decisions.
  • You should choose between a wood stove and a pellet stove first.
  • You should research modern wood stove installation as much as possible.

If you have an existing stove in your home and want to use it, what should you do before firing it up?

  • You should replace it with a modern stove.
  • Why worry if it has been there for a long time already?
  • Have it checked to make sure it meets current safety standards.

Can two stoves or a fireplace and a stove share the same chimney?

  • Yes, you can share chimneys between two units.
  • Never share chimneys between two heating units.
  • It's okay to share a chimney provided you purchase a certified splitter.

What is a key consideration to placing a wood stove in your home when you want to achieve the greatest efficiency?

  • Location of an existing chimney is a prime consideration.
  • It really depends on what you wish to achieve with a wood stove.
  • A wood stove is best located in front of an existing fireplace.

To what does the term "stove clearance" refer?

  • Stove clearance is the name given to a permit that you require in order to install a wood stove.
  • Stove clearance is the amount of space required to allow space to open the stove door for loading or cleaning.
  • Stove clearance is the minimum safe distance between a stove and surrounding walls and floors.

If you are trying to size a wood stove for your home, what should you keep in mind?

  • The size of stove that you need depends on the room size it is intended to heat.
  • Always buy a stove that is rated to heat a room one size higher than the room where it will be installed.
  • You need to consider if the standard size of wood available in your area will fit into the stove without splitting.

What is one logical way to reduce clearances for wood stove installations?

  • You can buy a smaller stove.
  • You can place the stove at a 45-degree angle in a corner.
  • You can add non-combustible material like brick to a wall.

What other clearance do you have to consider besides wood stove clearance?

  • floor clearance
  • ceiling clearance
  • stovepipe clearance

How much non-combustible floor pad does a wood stove require in front of the loading door in both Canada and the United States?

  • minimum of 18 inches or 46 centimeters
  • minimum of 20 inches or 51 centimeters
  • minimum of 22 inches or 56 centimeters

What does the Wood Heat Organization recommend that you do with your non-combustible floor pad?

  • Construct a non-combustible floor pad with ceramic tile.
  • Install your non-combustible floor over existing flooring.
  • Always make your non-combustible floor pad flush with any surrounding floor.

What is a standard requirement for mounting a wall shield in order to reduce stove clearances?

  • spacers 2 inches from a wall surface
  • spacers 1 inch from a wall surface
  • spacers .75 of an inch from a wall surface

What is a most important safety rule that applies to any heating installation?

  • Have all heating installations inspected every year by a professional.
  • All heating installations must be performed by a trained specialist.
  • Always keep rags, combustible liquids and cleaning agent well away from any source of combustion.

What is a common mistake that people make when installing a wood stove in an existing fireplace opening?

  • not enough clearance
  • stove too big for space
  • an old oversized chimney without a liner

When talking about wood stove problems, what is whuffing?

  • when a stove vibrates on the hearth
  • when a stove blows smoke out around the door
  • when the stovepipe rattles and shakes

In addition to making sure that you only burn dry wood and normal fires in your stove, what other safety step should you take?

  • Never leave a wood stove with an unattended fire burning.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors following fire department recommendations.
  • Install a childproof safety rail around your stove following manufactures instructions.

What is an important first warning sign of possible problems with a stove that is certified and is properly installed?

  • If you have problems starting a fire in your stove, have your stove and chimney checked.
  • If your fire smolders and will not burn normally, you need to get everything checked.
  • Have your stove and chimney checked any time you smell or see smoke.

What is the most obvious indication that you likely have a chimney fire due to creosote buildup?

  • The most obvious sign of a chimney fire is a loud roar in the walls, especially on floors above a wood stove.
  • The most obvious sign of a chimney fire is flames shooting out of the top of the chimney.
  • The most obvious sign of a chimney fire is smoke coming through the wall around the ceiling.