The Ultimate World Heritage Site Quiz
by Staff
An international treaty was signed in 1972 to identify and protect some of the world's most important cultural and natural sites. As the name implies, these sites belong to everybody, so let's help to preserve them. Take this quiz to learn more about World Heritage sites.

What is the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and National Heritage?

  • treaty
  • convention center
  • American Indian site

What is the treaty for?

  • identify cultural and natural sites
  • protect cultural and natural sites
  • both answers

Who decides which sites qualify for protection under the treaty?

  • appointed designee
  • committee
  • United Nations vote

Who is on the committee?

  • 5 members
  • 9 members
  • 21 members

What happened in 1972?

  • World Heritage designation was agreed upon.
  • International groups ignored important natural sites.
  • International groups ignored important cultural sites.

What was the catalyst for the World Heritage designation?

  • threatened ancient Egyptian temples
  • threatened shopping centers
  • neither answer

In November 2007, how many World Heritage sites were listed?

  • 325
  • 672
  • 851

Which is a World Heritage site?

  • Jiuzhaigou Valley
  • Taj Mahal
  • both answers

To whom does UNESCO state the World Heritage sites belong?

  • everybody
  • United Nation countries
  • democratic countries

What site won’t be on the World Heritage list?

  • Great Wall of China
  • Grand Canyon
  • Disney World

How do sites get listed?

  • meet one out of 10 criteria
  • meet four out of 10 criteria
  • meet six out of 10 criteria

What criterion did the Sydney Opera House meet to be listed?

  • architectural masterpiece
  • displays an important exchange of human values
  • fantastic natural phenomena

What site illustrates a major stage of the Earth's history?

  • Curonian Spit
  • Shirakami-Sanchi
  • Messel Pit Fossil Site

What happens if a listed site fails to meet the criteria in the future?

  • no action
  • delisted
  • neither answer

What happened to the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary in 2007?

  • added as a World Heritage site
  • delisted as a World Heritage site
  • warned for criteria deficiencies

Why was the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary delisted?

  • declining population of the Arabian Oryx
  • hydrocarbon prospecting in the area
  • both answers

What nongovernmental group is involved in the selection of World Heritage sites?

  • International Council on Monuments and Sites
  • World Conservation Union
  • both answers

What group offers expertise for the best way to conserve World Heritage sites?

  • International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
  • International Council for Monuments and Sites
  • both answers

Who can you contact to suggest a World Heritage site?

  • World Heritage representative of your country
  • state senator
  • governor of your state

Why was the Okapi Wildlife Reserve listed as a World Heritage Site?

  • home to okapis
  • area of exceptional beauty
  • both answers