The World War I Quiz
by Staff
WWI was a global conflict that changed the way humans go to war. Let's take a trip in the WABAC machine to review some of the numbers and explore the facts behind one of the great conflicts of the 20th century.

What event is credited with starting the conflict that led to WWI?

  • the assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria
  • the end of Britain's isolationism
  • changing alliances in Russia

Author Hugh Lofting wrote about what beloved character to help his children escape, even temporarily, the horrors of war?

  • Winnie-the-Pooh
  • Dr. Dolittle
  • Paddington Bear

War is an expensive enterprise, in dollars, in the cost of human life and in the destruction of property. In cold hard cash, what was the U.S. bill for participation in WWI?

  • $300 million
  • $8.5 billion
  • $32 billion

Who came up with the famous description, "the war to end all wars"?

  • Harry Truman
  • Kaiser Wilhelm
  • Woodrow Wilson

WWI was often referred to as the "Great War," but after its conclusion, peace didn't last long. How many years elapsed between WWI and WWII?

  • 20
  • 24
  • 27

Two warring groups of partnered nations were the key players in the WWI conflict. What were these two groups called?

  • the AFF and the German Alliance
  • the Allied Powers and the Central Powers
  • the European Union and the Ottoman Empire

During WWI, British tanks were gender specific. How?

  • All tanks were operated by women.
  • Female designated tanks were smaller than male tanks.
  • Female tanks were outfitted with machine guns; male tanks had cannons.

Who was U.S. President during WWI?

  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Harry S. Truman

Russia is widely believed to have had the largest military during the war. How many soldiers were in the Russian army?

  • 8 million
  • 12 million
  • 14 million

Before the widespread use of motorized vehicles, animals like horses, donkeys and mules were used for transportation, even during war. About how many horses were killed as a direct result of WWI fighting?

  • 1 million
  • 5 million
  • 8 million

What was Big Bertha?

  • a tank
  • a gun
  • a ship

A shortage of steel during WWI resulted in the production of ships made of what material?

  • wood
  • concrete
  • aluminum

Why are tanks called — tanks?

  • They looked like steel water tanks.
  • They were named after inventor Bertrand Tanker.
  • They were named for the sound their treads made.

How many soldiers died during WWI?

  • four million
  • eight million
  • eleven million

In total, how many countries were eventually involved in WWI?

  • 24
  • 27
  • 32

WWI, dubbed the Great War, lasted how many years?

  • 4
  • 7
  • 9

Two types of critters were used extensively to carry messages during the war. Name them.

  • pigeons and dogs
  • pigeons and dolphins
  • crickets and dogs

Becoming a flying ace was an accomplishment. To achieve it, how many planes would a pilot have to shoot down?

  • three
  • five
  • ten

The June 1914 political murder of Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by a Serbian terrorist started the war. What terrorist group was behind the attack?

  • Black Hand
  • Cosa Nostra
  • Serbian Annex

Soldiers aren't the only casualties in war. What was the estimated number of civilian deaths in WWI?

  • 2.4 million
  • 4.8 million
  • 6.6 million

What was the dreaded German U-boat?

  • a destroyer
  • dirigible
  • a submarine

How many ships did German U-boats sink during the four years of the conflict?

  • 4,202
  • 6,596
  • 7,250

A weapon of mass destruction in WWI may have been modest by modern standards, but could still be lethal. What common weapon used in the war could fire 600 rounds of ammunition in 60 seconds.

  • machine gun
  • howitzer
  • M1911 Browning

On the home front, hamburger became an unpopular name for ground beef because of its association with Hamburg, Germany. What new name became popular for a ground beef steak?

  • beef patty
  • Salisbury steak
  • patty melt

What was arguably the most devastating new chemical weapon used in the war?

  • mustard gas
  • radiation
  • cyanide

What is the estimated number of war casualties from the use of poison gas?

  • 250,000
  • 500,000
  • 1 million

During and after the war, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was referred to by what common name?

  • shell shock
  • mean blues
  • war willies

Pigeons were useful messengers during the war, often carrying messages back and forth multiple times. About how many pigeons worked for the allied war effort?

  • 250,000
  • 500,000
  • 1 million

The British ocean liner RMS Lusitania is the most famous victim of a German U-boat assault. After it was torpedoed, how long did it take for the Lusitania to sink?

  • 15 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 5 hours

A common malady during WWI, trench foot is what type of condition?

  • wearing shoes with holes in them
  • broken toes
  • a foot infection