The Ultimate World's Biggest Food Fight Quiz
by Staff
Ever watch "Animal House"? Remember the major food fight in the cafeteria? Well, if you thought that was major, you've seen nothing until you've been at the La Tomatino Tomato Fight, the world's largest food fight.

Where does the world's biggest food fight take place?

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Portugal

How many participants does the fight attract?

  • 10000
  • 20000
  • 30000

On what day of the week does the fight take place?

  • Sunday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday

What signals the beginning and end of the food fight?

  • a horn
  • a firecracker
  • fire alarms

In what year does legend say the fight began?

  • 1905-02-14 23:00:00
  • 1905-04-04 23:00:00
  • 1905-04-27 23:00:00

How many people live in Bunol?

  • 3000
  • 6000
  • 9000

What is an unofficial rule about how to throw the tomatoes?

  • You may throw them only at men, not at women and children.
  • You must crush them before you throw them.
  • You can only throw them with an underarm pitch.

How many pounds of tomatoes are used in the fight?

  • 50,000 (22,727.3 kilograms)
  • 100,000 (45,454.5 kilograms)
  • 200,000 (99,790 kilograms)

How are the tomatoes cleaned up?

  • They are hosed down into the sewer system.
  • Bulldozers come in afterward and scoop up the mess.
  • Participants must scoop up and dispose of 10 tomatoes each.

What is one thing to be aware of at the food fight?

  • If you allergic to tomatoes, stay away.
  • Tomatoes stain clothing.
  • There are no spectators, only participants.