The Ultimate What Can Go Wrong When You Build Too Fast Quiz
by Staff
During the recent U.S. housing boom, millions of homes were built extremely quickly. While this did meet the growing demand, it also meant that contractors had to cut many corners.

What was the change in U.S. new house construction starts from 2005 to 2009?

  • a 75 percent decrease
  • a 25 percent decrease
  • a 50 percent increase

In addition to hiring unskilled laborers, how else did contractors meet the pressures of rapid construction during the housing boom?

  • using lower quality supplies
  • beginning construction before receiving permits
  • leaving out key features in the houses they built

In addition to developers and contractors, who else dangerously cut corners to meet deadlines during the housing boom?

  • building inspectors
  • mortgage brokers
  • state legislators

What portion of the homes built in 2005 do experts believe contain two or more significant defects?

  • four percent
  • 12 percent
  • 17 percent

According to Homeowner Against Defective Dwellings (HADD), what is the most common problem when homes are built too fast?

  • leaky roof
  • unlevel flooring
  • cracks in the walls

How far away from the house itself should roofs direct rainwater?

  • six inches (15cm)
  • nine inches
  • one foot

What should be placed beneath the shingles on the roof of a house?

  • a layer of felt
  • a coat of waterproof gel
  • large sheets of thick plastic

What is "flashing?"

  • metal that is placed beneath the roof shingles at spots that may be vulnerable to leaks
  • the felt that goes under roof shingles
  • another term for a rain gutter

What is the top of a window frame called?

  • the head
  • the crown
  • the boom

Why is the bottom of the window frame not flashed?

  • so any gathered water can drain away
  • so that the window can sit flat
  • to save money

What is the most reported complaint regarding newly built homes?

  • water intrusion
  • termites
  • cracked foundations

What is a key component to avoiding water leakage at the foundation level of a house?

  • grading the earth
  • thickening the foundation
  • inserting metal flashing just below ground level

What is usually put alongside the foundation walls to help avoid water buildup?

  • gravel
  • clay
  • soil

What should a contractor do to avoid continual "settling" of the house that could lead to a cracked foundation?

  • tamping down the soil underneath the foundation
  • inserting rebar into the concrete foundations
  • not build on clay

In addition to moisture, what is in plywood that can foster a mold infestation?

  • sugar
  • spores
  • bacteria