21 Muscle Cars We Want to See Remastered in 2021

Dave Davis

Image: Unsplash by Sarah Cervantes

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If there's one thing that marketers have found to be true, it's that America loves a good reboot. Television and movies are constantly being updated, revamped and packaged to a new generation, but those who prefer the original flavor will always have access to most of the great works of the good ol' days.

When it comes to cars, however, that's not true. Automobiles wear out and it can be difficult (and expensive) or downright impossible to get your hands on a working model. Classic muscle cars are particularly hard to find since they had a comparatively short time in the sun to shine. 

So, since America loves a reboot, why not remake some of the muscle cars that thrilled us in the past and put them on today's roads?

We've assembled a list of 21 muscle cars that we believe would find an even bigger audience with today's drivers than they enjoyed in the past. While we know some of the carmakers are no longer around (Pontiac? Oldsmobile? Where did you go?), their parent companies are still alive and kicking, so there should be at least a path to bring these cars back into the future!

We've also included a few examples of reboots that were, in our opinion, done amazingly right to show that yesterday's cars can find a place in today's showrooms.

Let's look at a list of cars that are ripe for remastering!

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