25 ’90s Beauty and Style Trends That'll Take You Back

Alex Wittman

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Sure, we're on the cusp of a new decade (2020 will be halfway done before we know it), but that doesn't mean we will ever forget the incredible years that were the 1990s. In fact, some might even say the '90s are back (baby). Think we're crazy? Ummm, have you seen what's walking down the runway at fashion week? Is that Kendall Jenner in a baby tee?! We know you rocked a fanny pack at Coachella, and you won't get any shade from us. 

The 1990s were a, for real, wild time for beauty and style. People thought the world was going to end (sup, Y2K), and they definitely dressed like it. We mean that in the most loving way possible. Even when we see '90s trends resurge, it's just not the same. Bella Hadid, you look great in that brown lip, but for the full effect, you just had to be there. 

​Whether you had the pleasure of living through one of the craziest fashion decades to date or have just always wished you could live inside an episode of "Saved By the Bell," you're going to love our ultimate list of 25 '90s beauty and style trends that will take you back.

So, lace up your Dr. Martens, zip up your Starter jacket and let's take a walk down memory lane.

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