25 Baseball Players Who Changed the Game Forever

By: Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Wiki Commons via Charles M Conlon

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The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY has inducted a lot of interstellar players! While the worthiness of some is highly debated, many others have made undeniable contributions to the game. Take a look at 25 the game-changers that have broken records and challenged boundaries and walk away with even more appreciation for America's favorite sport.

Founded in 1869, Major League Baseball has a legacy that stretches back even further to smaller mill teams and backyard leagues. Throughout the game's history, players have continued to set records that no one thought could be surpassed. Whether they competed to break the home-run record, like Sosa and McGwire, or they broke down racial barriers like Jackie Robinson, the efforts of these legends are what make them the best of the best. 

Some were coached by their dads, and some traveled halfway around the world to play, but all of these players poured their hearts and souls into the dugout. In fact, some of them never really retired! No matter what their stories, their stats and their game-winning spirits helped to define the way the game is played now. 

Will you find your favorite player amongst these greats?

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