25 British Desserts to End Dinner on a High Note

Zoe Samuel

Image: Laura Kate Bradley/ Moment / Getty Images

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There is a common misconception, gradually being dispelled over the last twenty years or so, that British food is not particularly good. This stems from the period after World War II, when British households were subject to rationing and thus little was possible with or expected of British cuisine. Indeed, with few notable spices native to the British Isles, Britain has historically had to rely on contact with other cultures for fresh injections of culinary delight. As citizens of a nation that sat at the head of a vast empire, British chefs have had access to some of the world's most exotic ingredients and some of the world's most interesting culinary cultures.

In the late 20th century, a movement in England to make food a point of pride changed the face of British cuisine. Today, between its history and its remarkable, creative contemporary chefs, Britain boasts some of the most delightful desserts anywhere. From Michelin Star restaurants in London to local pubs in the Outer Hebrides, and from 'The Great British Bake Off' to your gran's kitchen, there's a British dessert for every taste and appetite. Get ready to shop for larger trousers, because you'll need them after trying all 25 of the following desserts.

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