25 British Monarchs … and Their Scandals!

Zoe Samuel

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British monarchs did not suddenly come into existence in 1066. Following the invasion of William the Conqueror, Norman historians decided to mark time as though it began with their arrival on British shores, calling all time before 1066 "time immemorial." To number the post-1066 British kings starting with the number one, they gave the Anglo-Saxon and Danish kings appellations like "The Just" or "The Martyr." In this way, the Norman kings and those who followed them could brand themselves as the sole owners of England, and eventually, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

As a result of this, the scandals of British monarchs are not limited to just the recent past, or indeed just England. There was a time when "England" did not exist as such. There were monarchs with scandals surrounding their romantic proclivities, and monarchs who overreached in their quest for total control. There were monarchs whose scandals may be apocryphal, and there are monarchs whose scandals were only considered scandalous because of the age in which they lived. Some scandals were mostly private, while others became very public. Get ready to learn how some of the strangest scandals in British history came from monarchs whom you would never associate with such salacious stories.

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