25 Easy Thanksgiving Dishes

Teresa McGlothlin

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Unless you're Martha Stewart, planning and executing the perfect Thanksgiving meal is an intimidating task. First, you have to think about getting the turkey in the oven. Then you have to prepare the appetizers, sides and desserts. By the time you've finished making a shopping list, it can leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed. It doesn't have to be that way, though!

Making a Thanksgiving meal that your guests want year after year is a lot easier than you think. Plenty of recipes out there that can earn the most novice of cooks a lot of praise. Stop stressing and get out a pen! The 25 recipes you'll see here can take your reputation as a cook from zero to holiday hero. All you have to do is gather the ingredients and give them a try. 

You'll start with appetizers and work your way through the main course. You'll even find three different ways to serve sweet potatoes during different parts of the meal. By the time you reach the dessert portion, you'll have a newfound confidence in your ability to make Thanksgiving dinner special. We know you can do it. When you see these recipes, you'll know that you can do it, too! 

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