25 Great British Universities You Should Consider (That Aren't Oxford or Cambridge!)

Zoe Samuel

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Oxford and Cambridge are names that conjure up notions of history going back centuries. Oxford's "New College" was founded in 1379, making even Harvard a Johnny come lately. They are excellent universities; however Britain is full of universities that provide a top-notch education in nearly every subject, some of which rival or even surpass Oxford and Cambridge in their specialties. Name recognition is a sort of branding, and while those two universities are certainly venerable in their way, other universities have quietly earned themselves a place in the world, boasting their own famous academics, exclusive courses and unique degrees.

A wealthy landowner may be an alumnus of Oxford, but would his farm manager have gone to the same university, and if they had, would their knowledge of their specialty be better for it? Cambridge certainly boasts more than its fair share of actors, but it is by no means the only university in the UK that produces them. Getting in the Oxford or Cambridge may provide tremendous networking opportunities if one plays one's cards right. Still, for certain industries, it offers little advantage, and there are too few places for them to accept all the worthy pupils. The UK is full of excellent universities aside from Oxford and Cambridge. Here are 25 of them.

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