25 Sports You Didn't Know Were Actually Sports

By: Ian Fortey

Image: Theredrocket at English Wikipedia/WikiCommons

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Like many things in human history, the origin of sports is pretty much shrouded in mystery. The idea of competition is so wrapped up in human nature that it predates any history we have. Obviously, we know where things like baseball and football began, but the most simple sports are as old as time itself. When did humans first start racing against one another? Or wrestling? Or boxing? These sports are as old as old gets, and they show that we've long valued the idea of competition, or proving our skill against other people. And, of course, having fun. Sports are supposed to be fun, after all.

So obviously those ancient sports have persevered. We love wrestling; we love boxing; we love baseball. But there are so many other sports being created in the world every day. Some are going to be flashes in the pan that no one wants to play, but others will manage to find a niche and click with people. Even though they're not making the rounds on ESPN and the people who play them don't have million-dollar contracts, they're still pretty cool. 

Maybe it's time you got to know some of these unknown sports better. It's time to learn about some sports you never knew existed!

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