25 Steps to Take Your Dog from Cute to Insta-Famous

By: Jessinia Ruff

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You've gotten tired of your friends asking to see pictures of your dog every time you hang out. As you roll your eyes and think, "Yes, I know my dog's adorable," you may want to think, "Hey, maybe I could capitalize on this love." 

Your dog stares at you with those longing eyes, and you can't help but think of how much you want to share his face all over the internet. So you create an account with a smashing handle and start posting. Only to see that your mom is the only one who comments (heart eye emojis every time, really?). 

So how can you set your dog apart from the rest? More and more Millenials are choosing to get a dog over having kids. There's a lot of competition out there. These tips and tricks will hopefully spark some ideas on how to get more likes and followers.

Instagram is the way we all take a break from life's stress and scroll through cute puppy pictures, wishing for a day when we can retire and travel with our best friend. We all need some more dog pics in our life, so take the plunge. Your dog will soon be an Insta-famous influencer. 

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