25 Surprising Reasons Martin Luther King Jr. Is an American Hero

By: Lauren Lubas

Image: Associated Press via WikiMedia Commons

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What makes a hero? If you answered selflessness, strength, courage or the ability to change someone's life, Martin Luther King Jr. fits each of these categories. He fought for equality for all, and gained a following that supported him and loved him. However, he didn't just stand on podiums and deliver speeches. He marched with his followers through the streets, sat in with them as they passively protested the world that they were forced to live in and was arrested with those same followers. His work on the front lines of the civil rights movement changed our nation for the better, and his assassination shocked his followers, but it didn't stop them.

Martin Luther King Jr. was more than a man who had a dream, he was a symbol of peace and equality in a world that wanted neither thing. He showed us the right way to move forward and the right way to get what we want. Peaceful protesting wasn't necessarily a common thing back then, and he prided himself and his community on their ability to work together to not upset the norm but still relay their message to those who seemingly weren't listening. To this day, we still refer to him as a hero, but there are things that made him a hero that you might not know about. Take a look at these 25 surprising reasons MLK's heroism stands America's test of time.

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