25 Times Barbie Was the Ultimate Insta Influencer

By: Katie Ormsby

Image: Barbie

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Since 1959, Barbie's been #goals. She's got the dreamhouse, convertible, enviable careers and endless closet. It only makes sense that she'd nail it on Instagram. Her more than two million followers get a daily glimpse into her picture-perfect plastic existence. Photo ops at influencer hot spots? Check. Behind the scenes "reality" checks? Barbie's been known to share her secrets to capturing the perfect 'gram. Casual hangs with bloggers and celebrities? You bet. And of course, all the style inspo a Barbie girl could want. Life in plastic really is fantastic. 

It's uncanny how closely this brand account mirrors the influencer accounts you already follow. Is @barbiestyle an earnest celebration of influencer culture or hilarious satire? Honestly, it doesn't matter. Amazing is amazing. If you've ever wished it was socially acceptable to pick out something from the Barbie aisle at your age, you'll want to hit that "Follow" button. It's the perfect way to indulge in a little nostalgia. 

Barbie's always been about creating a fantasy world. Just like you once dressed her up and play-acted her glamorous life, @barbiestyle imagines her adventures as a savvy influencer about town. Talk about clever! Let's take a look at 25 times Barbie's Instagram game was on point.

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