25 Unbelievable Places to Visit in Oceania

Bambi Turner

Image: Photo ©Tan Yilmaz / Moment / Getty Images

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World travelers can easily be swayed by the museums and history of Europe, the culture and flavor of South America, the familiar landmarks and big cities of the United States and Asia, or even the rugged adventure of Africa; but you're missing out if you limit your travel plans to these familiar locales. For something truly unique, consider the world of Oceania, where you'll see landscapes not found anywhere else on Earth.

So where exactly is Oceania? Well, it's the region that includes much of the central and south Pacific, and there's a whole lot more there than just endless ocean. The area is not only home to Australia and New Zealand but to thousands of islands grouped into sub-regions known as Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Sometimes referred to as "the eighth continent," Oceania includes people from many different cultures who speak hundreds of languages and have individual customs and traditions. That means a visit to this region comes not only with amazing scenery and crystal blue seas, but also offers an opportunity to learn how people live half a world away from your own.

Ready to see the sights? Check out this gallery of some of Oceania's most incredible places!

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