27 Christmas Traditions From the Past That Need to Come Back

Teresa McGlothlin

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Have you noticed a declining number of Christmas cards in your mailbox? Over the years, the number of households that mail out Christmas cards has fallen to only 22%. And Christmas cards are not alone! Many traditions have faded away, and they're so great, that they need to be brought back. 

Reviving the Ukranian tradition of putting spiderwebs on Christmas trees might not be your style, but how about making a popcorn garland? Many of the old-fashioned traditions that need new life don't require a lot of money. They do need a lot of heart and thoughtfulness, though. From hiding a glass pickle to playing board games, you'll love the way these traditions foster togetherness. 

As you go through all 27 of them, you will find them so easy and endearing, you'll want to bring them back to life this year. When times were simpler, Christmas wasn't about the expense or having the largest lighting display. It was about spending time together and inspiring joy. Who couldn't use more of that?

Check out these forgotten traditions, and add a little history to your festivities. Your guests will be glad you did, and you'll want to practice them every year. You might even want to put fruitcake under your pillow.

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