35 Things Only True Brits Know

Zoe Samuel

Image: Alexander Spatari / Moment / Getty Images

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Every nation has its own culture, history and mythology. They also tend to have two reputations — the one they think they have, and the one they actually have. The British hope they are seen as having a great sense of humor and being polite and competent. Of course, we know deep down that we are actually seen as rather standoffish and superior, and, thanks to the last few years of our politics, somewhat absurd.

Still, this doesn't bother us, because we true British citizens enjoy a veritable smorgasbord of upsides, secrets, and advantages by virtue of being British. We are essentially members of a secret society that has all sorts of handshakes and membership perks. We get to know the secrets of British history and culture. We know how to make a dinner party really work. We are under no pressure to excel at sports because we know that it doesn't really matter. We know how to survive almost any amount of rain without any warning whatsoever. We even know why monarchy isn't actually as silly an idea as it seems from the outside.

Of course, only the truest Brits know all of these things and more. Can you count yourself among their number? Let's find out!

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