Best Last Words in History

Zoe Samuel

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While it's generally the case that all of us have someone in our life who will record our first word, sadly many of us shuffle off this mortal coil without anyone being present to record our last words. For many people, this is probably just as well, since putting together something particularly memorable is generally not high on anybody's priority list as the end draws nigh. We are fortunate to simply get the chance to say our farewells and perhaps pass on any nugget of wisdom we might have gleaned along the way.

Of course, some people nail their last words. Most of these are people with a particularly strong lifetime track record of excellent words, though every so often a person not noted for being very witty or inspired comes out with a genuinely excellent zinger at the critical moment. Some of these speakers landed a great set of last words because they'd prepared them in advance, while others seem to have just come out with something brilliant on the spot - and then, perhaps having concluded that they weren't going to top such an achievement, decided to make a graceful exit and leave on a high note.

It's time to take a walk down memory lane, and bring you some of the best last words ever uttered!

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