Daily Fantasy Tips From Actual Winners

By: Beth Hendricks

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You know how it goes: Football season is just a few short weeks away and already the chatter at your job is fantasy football. Who's creating a league? How much does it cost to join? Who are the coveted players to snag? Will you have a live draft and, if so, what kind of draft will it be? 

Then, there's the actual start of the season. Who to start. Who to sit. Who's injured, who's underperforming, who's ... blah blah blah. Listen, participating in a season of fantasy sports is a full-time job. There are stats to track, schedules to watch, line-ups to set. It's too much, am I right? That's where daily fantasy sports stepped in to save the day ... and your sanity.

Daily fantasy sports is like a season of games condensed into a single weekend.  It's true! There are still players to research and line-ups to set, but there's also immediate gratification. And, if there's one thing people love in the 21st century, it's immediate gratification. Instead of playing 16 games collectively to possibly win something at the end of the season, you can place your bets when you wake up and cash out before you go to bed. And, if football's not enough, you can get your daily fantasy on for just about any sporting event that involves a ball (or puck).

DraftKings and FanDuel dominate this space online, delivering big-time bucks to real-life winners: Relative newbies who win $10,000 on a fluke, long-time players who win big regularly and, of course, that guy who managed to set a near-perfect lineup and pull in a cool million or more. Want to know their secrets? (Of course you do.) Here's some advice on rocking daily fantasy with tips from people who've actually done it.

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