Greatest Players in 100 Years of the NFL

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: NFL via YouTube

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When the National Football League was formed in 1920, no one saw the rip-roaring success the operation would have or the number of interstellar players who would arise over the years. As you rush down the field of our list, you are sure to learn about a few players who you will find most impressive. From the rushing yards of some of the greatest wide receivers to the number of completions thrown by the best quarterbacks, you'll delight in the knowledge of the game you learn here. 

Although franchises and teams have changed over the years, the NFL's tradition of greatness has remained the same. During its 100 year legacy, the sport has produced some of the best to suit up and take the field. With stats that might leave your jaw on the 50-yard line, some of them seem to have a supernatural ability to move the ball toward the end zone or to defend their team. 

Players like Anthony Munoz and Joe Montana will always stick out in our memories, but what about some of the lesser-known players? After you read through our picks, you'll feel inspired to start a team or go back and watch old Super Bowl games. We know you're ready! Now, let's talk football.

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