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Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Prime Autotainment via YouTube

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Every year, automakers put their best wheels forward and up the ante on last year's models. From the completely redesigned Ford Mustang Shelby to the sleek and trendy Honda Fit, they are sparing no expense at delivering 2020 models that will make you want to trade in your current ride. Take a look at some of the best hitting the lot during the last quarter of the year, and form your own opinion before you blow your budget. 

2020 isn't just about reimagining cars that are already on the market. Classics like the Ford Bronco and the GMC Jimmy are being resurrected with upgrades that would delight any auto enthusiast. Many of the new releases have custom upgrades that allow you to make your car as unique as you are. The only problem you'll have after reading about them is deciding which one of them to test drive first! 

We've covered all the bases here, and you'll get the skinny on every kind of 2020 car out there. SUVs, trucks, sports cars and more are being presented with a brand new sense of style and engine upgrades that will fill you full envy. Will you think enough of them to give them a good rating, too? 

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