Teamfight Tactics Best Team Builds and Comps

By: Amanda Monell

Image: Riot Games

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"Teamfight Tactics" is one of the best timesucks on the Internet. Why? Not only do you get to occupy whatever time you had to waste, but you get to exercise that beautiful space between your ears by escaping into the arena where creatures from almost every genre imaginable do battle under your command to see if you can be the king of the ring. Sounds easy, right? 

The thing is even if you think you have an amazing squad of champions ready to throw down with the others, inevitably, you somehow end up either missing by a hair or running in the middle of the pack. Which in turn drives you to play "just one more game." Even though you think that you may have a strategy in mind, with so many different champions in play, the situational factors are always evolving and changing. And then add the seven others trying to achieve that same goal and it can be downright stressful! 

Having a solid strategy is an absolute must in TFT, but how does someone achieve this with all the chaos? Easy! By researching every nook and cranny on the web to get insights from others that have had better luck. Speaking of luck, we've done some of the legwork for you! So sit back, grab that notebook and read on for the best TFT builds and comps!

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