Terrible American Foods That Make Me Proud to Be British

Zoe Samuel

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Much of American cuisine is owed to the immigrants who made America their home. Food from the American Midwest region is heavily influenced by the high-calorie diet of the Scandinavian farmers who settled the region long ago. The food most of America refers to as "Chinese food" actually consists of dishes created by American-Chinese chefs to appeal to American tastes, using Chinese ingredients and cooking methods. The traditional American "diner" evolved from the dining cars aboard trains, which, traveling through many parts of the country, needed to appeal to a variety of American tastes. For a time, when dining cars were retired, they would be sold off to people who wanted to use them as stationary restaurants, and with the car came the menu and kitchen equipment.

Of course, American food has come a long way since those early days. In our time, Americans can find restaurants that are open all night long, serving all manner of food from cheap snacks to exquisite miracles of cooking. As with all endeavours in which America engages, they try many things, but not all of them succeed. Just like Apple's first smart device, The Newton, Coca Cola's miserable Coke 2, and McDonald's ill-fated Arch Deluxe, America has its share of spectacular food fails. Here are some of the worst offenders.

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