The 25 Things in Britain Most Worth Queuing For

Zoe Samuel

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Queuing has been a national joke in the United Kingdom ever since ration cards were introduced in World War Two. People were unable to get their hands on all sorts of items, and if a store were suddenly to find itself in possession of chocolate or some other such luxury, standing in line for hours to get a little nibble was considered perfectly sensible. To complain would be to lack "Blitz spirit," meaning the ability to endure unpleasant or dangerous situations without a fuss.

Still, nobody actually likes waiting in a line, so you need to know that whatever you get as a reward for your patience is sufficient to justify the time. You don't want to stand there for hours only to sit through a boring show or see a disappointing site. You want to get your money's worth, after all, and time is money! If it's a museum or a historical building, you want to learn something you didn't know before and come out a little smarter. If it's a stately home or a castle, you want to be inspired. If it's a tourist attraction, you want to be entertained and amused.

That's why we've compiled this handy list — and not everything on it is found in London! For what should you be entirely willing to stand in line? Whether you like history, art, plays, animals, plants or even planes, we've got something here that you'll love, even if you had to wait a little for it!

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