Toxic Relationship Traits — And How to Prevent Them From Ruining Your Relationship

By: Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Noel Hendrickson/DigitalVision/GettyImages

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When you first get into a relationship, everything is exciting and new. A few years later, you will have fallen into a comfortable rut that can be a minefield of toxic traits, and you might not even be aware of them. Since you want your relationship to be successful, make sure you know what negative traits might be rearing their ugly heads and how to avoid them! 

Maintaining a positive and healthy relationship requires a lot of work, and you should be up for the challenge. Your feelings about your partner should reflect the way you interact, and the same goes the other way around. Even the most solid relationships hit rough patches, and it's how you deal with arising issues that defines your future together. Once you read our tips and advice, you'll be prepared to handle any threats to your relationship's happiness. 

From constant criticism to a lack of support, the biggest of toxic traits can be corrected with very small actions. As you read through the things you should look for and how to avoid lethal mistakes, remember that you are only human. The more you learn about fostering a healthy balance, the more successful the two of you will be! The fact that you're open to learning about them really shows that you care!

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