We’ve Ranked American Car Manufacturers From the Last 20 Years. Tell Us How We Did!

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It's hard to be unbiased when it comes to ranking American automotive companies because cars and trucks aren't simple products we buy. A vehicle is usually the second biggest purchase we'll ever make in our lives, second only to our house, and emotions quickly come into play. That's not even to mention that the love of certain companies is passed down from generation to generation, and those lessons can be hard to set aside (a "Ford" person forced to ride in a Chevy will never get comfortable, and vice versa).

Still, after putting that in perspective, let's rank them anyway! We took a look at American automakers and ranked them, ending with the company we believe has had the greatest impact in the last 20 years. You may disagree with us (we're sure a sizeable number of readers will disagree, especially when we get to the upper level of our list), but we gave it a lot of thought, and this is how we saw it. 

The rules we used were that the company had to have its roots planted firmly in America and had to produce vehicles between 1999 and 2019. Some of the companies we found are new to the game, some date back to the beginning of the industry and some are household names that have sadly fallen victim to economic and market pressures (the 2008 recession was a particularly bloody time when it came to automotive brands). 

So, how did we do? In the end, will you find yourself agreeing with us, having come constructive arguments, or will you be so mad that you feel your heartbeat in your throat? Just remember, it's all in fun! 

Let's start with No. 25 ...

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