Quiz: The Ultimate 1920s Slang Quiz
The Ultimate 1920s Slang Quiz
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Hiya, Bazooka dee! What's the blow? Okay, those are actually made-up slang words that mean nothing to those in this decade or the 1920s. But if you want to learn actual slang of flappers and bootleggers, you've come to the right quiz.

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If someone says "nerts!" to you, they're saying:

Kinda like, "nuts!"

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What do you need if you ask for some clams?

But you might also need clams to buy clams.

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What's another '20s slang term for money?

The green stuff, ya know?

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What might an "embalmer" do in the 1920s?

Probably not at the same time, but "embalmer" was slang for a bootlegger.

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If you look spiffy, you look:

Lookin' spiffy might require a bunch of cabbage.

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If something is ducky, it’s:

Next time you have to give someone approval, tell 'em they're ducky.

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If your dogs hurt, you're feeling pain:

Oh, my poor dogs ache.

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What's a 1920s term that means "woman?"

What a beautiful tomato, said no one.

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Hopefully you're sweet on somebody if you're stuck on them, too.

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If you tell someone they're all wet, you mean:

It seems nicer than telling someone they're an idiot.

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If you order a brown plaid, you'll get:

There's no end to the slang for alcohol in the 1920s.

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What kind of a person would be called a bimbo in the 1920s?

If you traveled back to the 1920s and called a silly woman a bimbo, it would be very confusing.

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Weirdly, it's based on a comic strip about a guy who was a good boxer.

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If you're annoyed with an insulting comment in the 1920s, you might retort:

The phrase even became a title of a W.C. Fields film.

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A female bootlegger was called a:

I like hoochie mama better, but nobody asked.

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The term "milquetoast" came about in the 1920s because of a:

Caspar Milquetoast was a timid, bland guy.

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If you're on a toot, you're:

Being on a toot sounds way more fun that being on a bender.

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If someone tells you "don't take any wooden nickels," they mean:

But also: please don't eat old mayonnaise.

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If you're wearing cheaters, you're wearing:

Put those cheaters on to read the fine print.

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If everything is Jake, it's:

Jake is a-okay.

The bee's knees, the eel's ankles -- nobody really knows how they became slang for cool and stylish.

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What's another nonsense exclamation used in the 1920s?

I bet if you yelled out "gobbadoo," everyone would know you were saying "malarkey!" though.

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Name "The Simpsons" quote that borrows from 1920s slang.

It means "you're on the right track."

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If someone says, "tell it to Sweeney" they mean:

It later meant "make it simple to understand."

Named after a Rudolph Valentino character.

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An especially excellent thing or person is:

The origins of the term aren't clear, but tip your hat if someone calls you a Darb.

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What's another word that means "nonsense?"

Possibly a form of a similar-sounding swear word.

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If you cast a kitten, you:

Much like "having a cow," perhaps.

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If you're at a blind pig, you're:

Much more fun than saying you're going to a bar.

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If you're zozzled, you're:

Zozzled just SOUNDS drunk, does it not?

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