Quiz: 30 Little Known Facts About Major League Baseball
30 Little Known Facts About Major League Baseball
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

No other sport in America has the same lore and legend that surrounds baseball. And Major League Baseball has featured some of the best athletes, stories, and drama in the history of sports. In this quiz, do you think you can recall these little-known facts about the MLB and its statistics-laden past?

Baseball garners some of the most amazing (and bizarre) stories in sports. From pitchers killing birds with their fastballs to steroid-fueled home run rampages, the MLB is a breeding ground for odd and thrilling drama. Did you know that in 1930, a batter named Joe Sewell struck out just three times in 353 at-bats? And two of those strikeouts happened — you guessed it — in the same game? 

And did you know that during the 19th century, you could throw out base runners by beaning them directly with the ball? After one too many fistfights, that particular act was banned by the league.

In 1976, Texas Rangers' Toby Harrah became the first shortstop ever to play every single inning of a doubleheader … and not have a single ball hit toward him. In 1966, Tony Cloninger became the first National League player ever to hit two grand slams in a single game. Even crazier? He was a pitcher, and during the same game, he also hit a single, meaning he had nine RBIs in that one game. Do you know any other reality-warping stats from MLB history?

Whether you’re talking the heroics of Hank Aaron or the steely gaze of Nolan Ryan, pro baseball is the stuff of legends. Take our little-known MLB facts quiz now!

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