Quiz: 35 Things Only Californians Know
35 Things Only Californians Know
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you're Californian, you may know some things that the rest of the nation probably doesn't... including the fact that coastal summers are more often foggy than sunny, that the capital isn't Los Angeles or San Francisco. You also know that rents are hideously high in any of the famous coastal cities, from San Francisco and Oakland, through Santa Barbara and Ventura, all the way to San Diego. 

We love California despite its many drawbacks -- the high cost of living in Silicon Valley, the L.A. area and anywhere near the beach! Yes, we have to put up with earthquakes, mudslides, and traffic jams. But we also enjoy some of the most varied and freshest local produce to be found anywhere. 

We entertain the whole world with the music, movies, and television shows we produce, and our universities -- especially Berkeley, UCLA, and Stanford, have given the world scientific breakthroughs and Nobel Prize winners. There's even an element, Berkelium, named for the city of Berkeley and the crown jewel of California's public university system, UC Berkeley. 

But we digress (we're just so damn proud!). Do you know where California got its name? What its main cash crops are? What is its state fossil? (Yes, there really is a state fossil). Prove that you bleed California gold with our quiz!

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