Quiz: If You Know These 35 Texas Things, You're Probably a True Texan!
If You Know These 35 Texas Things, You're Probably a True Texan!
By: Becky
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The state of Texas has a unique and storied history. But only a true Texan will know all there is to know about the culture and history of this great state. If you think you are Texan enough, take this quiz to find out how much you really know about the Lone Star state.

Because Texas borders Mexico, the state is home to a blend of American and Spanish influences. Texans love Tex-Mex food, many speak Spanish, and the rodeo has old Spanish roots. This blend of cultures makes Texas one of the more unique states in the Union. But, Texans already know that they are unique, and most take pride in that sense of uniqueness. From the food to the history of the state, this quiz presents 35 thinks that you can know only if you are a true Texan. So, if you know all about the Alamo, what major league sports teams call the state of Texas home, and what two U.S. presidents hail from the Lone Star State, this quiz will be right up your alley. (BTW, the two presidents are George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, both of whom still call the staste home... hey, you should have known that.)

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