Quiz: Can You Identify All Of These War Movies From Just One Image?
Can You Identify All Of These War Movies From Just One Image?
By: Neil Heater
Image: TMDB

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Ready to fight for what’s right? Then lock and load for an amazing night at the movies!

When it comes to the art of war, nobody does it better than Hollywood. The violence of war and its effects on the people in its path have been the subject of many movies since the early days of the film industry. Movies of all scales have covered the subject of war, from understated arthouse classics with a personal focus, to multi-million-dollar action blockbusters which sweep across battlefields.

Some of the great war movies have covered chapters in history long-removed from living memory. And it’s no wonder, since the consequences of war can still echo hundreds or even thousands of years later. Bringing these events into the modern era with the power of the camera and historical perspective creates all kinds of opportunities for awesome action scenes and unique storytelling. Movies can bring to life the long-forgotten stories of war, and history is often the best source of inspiration for the cinema. There was the young Scottish warrior who fought against the English and inspired his people — and inspired a multi-Academy Award-winning classic as well. Sound familiar? We bet you’ve seen that movie!

Even just World War II alone has been covered hundreds of times over on the silver screen. From Pearl Harbor to D-Day, and everything that happened before and after, countless incredible stories have been brought to life by talented actors and filmmakers. Remember the critically acclaimed tale of a squad of American GIs sent to Europe to retrieve the last surviving brother from a family of soldiers? Whether from the point of view of the Allies or the Axis, in settings throughout Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific we’ve seen every major battle and event play out. And quieter conflicts too, from the struggles of the Resistance in Vichy France, to the American homefront. Or how about the tale of an American expat who runs a fancy nightclub on the Moroccan coast, attracting everybody from Nazis to wartime refugees?

In more recent years, there have been many other stories of strife and survival in war to tell. The action-packed recounting of a desperate day-long skirmish of US special forces trapped in downtown Mogadishu has captivated audiences around the world. And the harrowing portrait of an EOD specialist defusing bombs in post-invasion Iraq put viewers inside the head of a soldier addicted to the dangers of his profession.

With all that said, not every war movie is equally iconic. Some are easier to recognize than others. Whether it’s a famous character’s haggard expression, a shot of ravaged scenery, or a particularly terrifying moment in the heat of combat, a lot of little things can make the difference in what you remember. In other words, it takes a true aficionado to reliably recognize war movies from a single image. Take this quiz to prove that you have what it takes!

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