Quiz: 60s Car Quiz
60s Car Quiz
By: Robin Tyler
Image: WikiCommons

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The '60s saw the height of the Cold War which reached a fever pitch during the Cuban missile crisis. It also saw an explosion of different music genres. And how about the birth of the hippie movement? Yes, the '60s can be remembered for many things, but its cars stand out especially.

Perhaps one of the most important automotive innovation in this decade was the birth of the pony car, or the muscle car, as we affectionately know them today. Many people will dispute what the first muscle car in the world was and we're not going to get into a discussion about that.

But what we do know is that a certain model released by one of America's biggest brands in 1964 is perhaps the most iconic muscle car ever made. And today, its legacy lives on. Other brands soon followed and by the late 1960s, you weren't part of the young "in" crowd if you didn't have one of these speed demons.

But often forgotten were the many other excellent cars marketed during this decade, and today, many of them are highly sought after.

So let's see just how much you know about some of the greatest cars from the 1960's.

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The name is Bond, James Bond. And this is the first car he made famous.
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This race car won at the Le Mans 24-hour race at its first attempt. Can you name it?
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A car based on a concept car. It sold for a huge sum of money in 2013. What is it?
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Can you name one of the most beautiful muscle cars of the 1960's? Nothing looked quite like it.
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Introduced in 1965 for the first time, this van is still in production today. What is it?
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This race car that was effectively a 'jet car'.
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Name a small compact car first marketed in 1963, known as the Familia in Japan.
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A classic '60s sports car, it's actually a 'sibling' to a more famous model that is still produced today. What is it?
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Lightweight frame... check. V8 engine... check. Handles beautifully.... check. Name?
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Can you identify a Japanese classic sports car produced towards the end of the 1960's. Only 351 were ever produced.
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Royals, film stars and world leaders have used this vehicle as their transport. True British luxury at its finest.
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A true racer, this Formula One car won the World Championship in 1964.
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Introduced in 1966, there isn't any more Italian than this classic.
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This muscle car was certainly not as well known as the Fords, Chevys or Pontiacs of the world. But, it did have its followers. Do you know what it is?
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First released in 1968, can you identify the pickup and name the manufacturer?
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The British love their sports cars and this is a classic! Many crossed the Atlantic to find homes in the U.S.A. What is it?
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Marketed as a high-performance four-passenger sedan this vehicle had the performance to back it up. It was launched in 1962. Can you name it?
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A big, bulky off-roader that soon became a legend. Can you pick it out from the models below?
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Another beautiful sports car example from the British, this vehicle was first introduced in 1965 as a fixed roof, two-door roadster. Any idea as to what it is?
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The muscle that everyone wants... the original. Name it, please.
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It may have been powered by an air-cooled, rear mounted engine but it was pretty unsafe. What car from the 1960's are we talking about?
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A solid German design, over 13,000 of these were made from 1965 to 1969. Do you know which make and model it is?
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Name the vehicle that was a luxury limousine only reserved for the finest clients.
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Oh very fancy! This vehicle was named after a town in France. What is it?
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Marketed in the early 1960's, this was one of the biggest flops in automotive history and cost the parent company $2 million. Do you know the car?
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A stunning European brand produced a 2-door convertible that was loved all over the world. What was it?
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Certainly ahead of its time, name the vehicle that used a water injection system. Sadly, it gave more trouble than it was worth.
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This continental race car was built to take on the Ford GT40 at Le Mans. Even though it performed well, it was no match for Ford.
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With just a 700cc motor, this small car was perfect for the city. It was also one of the first with a Targa top. Do you know what it is?
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Direct competition for the Ford Mustang, this big, bold and brash muscle car was released in 1967. Name it, please
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Thanks to German engineering, this 2-door tourer was powered by a V8 engine. Name the make and model, please.
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25,000 units of the first generation of this British touring car were produced. Released in 1961, what is it?
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This vehicle posed a threat to the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang. Any idea what it was?
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Can you name the best selling model of this French manufacturer, first introduced in the 1960's?
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A light, cheap American coupe built between 1961 and 1967. It was also available as a convertible. Can you name it?
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