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Slasher films and creepiness of all kinds filled theaters in the '70s. How much do you know about these 1970s horror movies? Take this quiz to find out.

Summerisle is the setting for which famous horror film?

On Summerisle, a group of pagans goes to extremes in order to ensure a bountiful harvest.


A demon named Pazuzu makes an appearance in which horror movie?

The mythological demon supposedly has the head of a dog or lion, and he takes possession of a young girl in "The Exorcist."


Who directed 1978's "Dawn of the Dead"?

Romero, of course, was already famous due to his work on "Night of the Living Dead."


True or false: "The Exorcist" is based on a true story.

As if the simple idea of "The Exorcist" wasn't creepy enough, it really is based on an exorcism that happened in 1949.


Tobe Hooper, the acclaimed director of "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," initially hoped that his movie would get which rating from the Motion Picture Association of America?

In hindsight, it was laughable to think that such a terrifying movie would obtain a PG rating.


What year was "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" released?

Released in October 1974, the movie was immediately banned in some nations due to its disturbing violence.


How many people are killed in "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre"?

There were five total victims, yet only two of them succumbed to the power of the chain saw.


How old was Max von Sydow during the shooting of "The Exorcist"?

At only 44 years old, he required extensive makeup work to achieve his character's age of more than 70 years old.


Wes Craven directed a 1972 film that went by which title?

"The Last House on the Left" was remade in 2009; the original gets somewhat better reviews.


How many people linked to the creation of "The Exorcist" died before the film was completed?

Nine people died during the film's production, leading many people to believe that the film was cursed.


Who wrote the film "Eraserhead"?

Lynch wrote and directed "Eraserhead," which took years to shoot due to funding challenges.


Bette Davis starred in which horror film from the '70s?

Davis plays an elderly aunt in "Burnt Offerings," in which a weird old house kills off entire families.


Which film had the tagline "pray it doesn't happen to you!"?

One zombie spreads its plague to an entire city in "Rabid" by David Cronenberg.


A dead solider from the Vietnam War comes home in which movie?

At first his family is happy to see him, but in "Deathdream," the reanimated soldier eventually goes on a rampage.


"Salem's Lot" is based on a book by which author?

The 1979 adaptation of Stephen King's book was directed by Tobe Hooper, the mastermind of "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre."


The 1978 version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" was based on a film from which year?

The original was released in 1956. The 1978 remake is largely considered a huge success.


"Dawn of the Dead" is partly social commentary about which subject?

The story takes place in a shopping mall, where director George Romero manages to skewer the concept of rampant consumerism.


"Nosferatu" recounts a tale regarding which creature?

The 1979 version of "Nosferatu" is a remake of the 1922 film, which was based on Bram Stoker's "Dracula," the most famous vampire story of all time.


Wes Craven directed which psychotic masterpiece?

"The Hills Have Eyes" will make you question whether you should ever vacation again.


Why did director Steven Spielberg decide to cut many scenes of the shark in "Jaws"?

The mechanical shark became loathed on set for its many malfunctions and fake-looking appearance.


What role does Ralph Richardson portray in 1972's "Tales From the Crypt"?

The creepy Crypt Keeper recounts the awful deaths of five people in "Tales From the Crypt."


What year was "Alien" released to theaters?

In 1979, this dark, bleak film heralded the beginning of what would become an incredibly successful space horror franchise.


"Alice, Sweet Alice" was originally given which title?

It was called "Communion" in reference to a scene in which a girl is killed at her own communion.


A deranged man named Michael Myers stars in which ominous '70s horror flick?

In "Halloween," the masked Myers relentlessly stalks the terrified residents of Haddonfield.


Which city is invaded by aliens in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"?

Disguised as pretty flowers, the aliens begin their invasion in San Francisco, decimating the city's population.


Which '70s horror movie was directed by David Cronenberg?

Violent mutant kids cause murder and mayhem in Cronenberg's "The Brood," which is still considered an underground hit.


Who is the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis?

Curtis, whose breakout role came in "Halloween," is the daughter of Janet Leigh, the doomed star of "Psycho," another landmark movie.


Gregory Peck starred in which horror movie?

In "The Omen," Peck plays a distraught father who adopts a baby boy, only to really, really regret it.


How many stars did The New York Times give "Black Christmas" upon its release in 1974?

Although the film is now a cult favorite, the Times reviewer questioned why the movie was even made.


The Tall Man is a evildoer who appears in which movie?

In "Phantasm," a twisted undertaker reanimates the dead and sends them off to terrorize the world.


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