Quiz: Life in the '70s Quiz
Life in the '70s Quiz
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"Jimmy Carter Is Running For What?" If you remember this iconic headline, you definitely lived through the 1970s. It's a decade that many people remember with rolled eyes: the polyester, the disco, the shag carpeting. And, dear God, the Pet Rocks!

But the 1970s were a serious time, too. Much of the turmoil we associate with the 60s — vocal opposition to Vietnam, for example, and the radical feminism of writers like Betty Friedan — was actually much more a product of the early 1970s. 

After the bright optimism of the postwar boom, the 1970s were the time that the United States faced its own limits and vulnerabilities. Conflict with the Middle Eastern world led to oil shortages that caused gas stations to run dry, posting signs reading "No gas today." The hostage crisis in Iran, similarly, gave America a black eye. 

But the 1970s were also a deeply creative time. Young-turk movie directors like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were getting started, poised to do some of their best work. And women took their place in the workforce in greater numbers than ever, prompting Time magazine to name American women the "Man" of the Year. 

Take a trip back to this turbulent, complex decade with our quiz!

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