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Who is Sandy's greaser guy in the 1978 film "Grease"?

Good girl Sandy falls for leather-clad Danny Zuko, played by John Travolta.


Where do Sandy and Danny meet for the first time?

The pair meet at the beach during the summer, and both are surprised to see the other again in the halls of Rydell High School.


Who loses her sight in an ice skating accident in "Ice Castles"?

Lexie Winston is nearly blind after attempting a tricky triple jump on an outdoor rink.


Who helps Lexie get back into competitive shape after her accident?

Sure, there's plenty of ice skating, but "Ice Castles" is really a love story between Lexie and Nick, her longtime sweetheart.


Who does Katie fall for in "The Way We Were"?

"The Way We Were" offers the ultimate example of opposites attract when Katie falls for the wealthy Hubbell.


Who played Katie in "The Way We Were"?

Barbra Streisand starred as Katie opposite Robert Redford as Hubbell in the 1978 flick.


How many Oscars did "The Way We Were" win?

The movie picked up two Oscars, for best original song and best score, but lost in four other categories.


What 1977 film featured a couple named Elliot and Paula?

Viewers got to watch Elliot and Paula live together then fall in love in the 1977 film "The Goodbye Girl."


What does Elliot leave at Paula's apartment as a sign of his commitment?

When Elliot goes to Seattle for a film role, he leaves his guitar with Paula as a sign that he's coming back for her in "The Goodbye Girl."


What year was the film "Love Story" released?

"Love Story" came out in 1970 and was based on a book by Erich Segal, who also penned the screenplay.


Where do Oliver and Jenny meet in "Love Story"?

Harvard University student Oliver and Radcliffe College co-ed Jenny meet at the library before falling for one another.


Who played Oliver in "Love Story"?

Ryan O'Neal played Oliver opposite Ali MacGraw as Jenny.


What year was "Annie Hall" released?

The film, directed and co-written by Woody Allen, who also starred in it, was released in 1977.


Who played the title role in "Annie Hall"?

Diane Keaton starred opposite Woody Allen, who played Alvy Singer in "Annie Hall."


How many Oscars did Woody Allen win for "Annie Hall"?

Allen picked up his first two Oscars for the flick for best director and best original screenplay.


Who played Jay Gatsby in the '70s film version of the classic Fitzgerald novel "The Great Gatsby"?

Robert Redford starred in the 1974 flick as Gatsby, a millionaire obsessed with a lost love.


Who is Gatsby's love interest in the film?

Gatsby pines for Daisy, who loves him back but can't be with him because she's already married to Tom.


What year did the film "Manhattan" hit theaters?

The romantic comedy "Manhattan," which was directed by Woody Allen, came out in 1979.


What is the name of Isaac's much-younger lover in "Manhattan"?

Woody Allen's character Isaac dates a much-younger Tracy, played by Mariel Hemingway.


How many Oscars did "Kramer vs. Kramer" win in 1980?

The 1979 flick was a huge hit, picking up five Oscars in 1980.


Who played Joanna Kramer in "Kramer vs. Kramer?"

Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman fought a bitter divorce battle in the 1979 film.


What is the name of the Kramers' son?

Ted and son Billy form a strong bond after mom Joanna walks out on them. She returns but ultimately allows Billy to stay with his father.


What year did the film "Harold and Maude" come out?

The film, which centered on a young man and his much-older girlfriend, was released in 1971.


Who played the role of Harold in "Harold and Maude"?

Bud Cort stars as Harold opposite Ruth Gordon as Maude.


What is Harold's favorite subject in "Harold and Maude"?

Harold is obsessed with death and frequently goes to funerals of people he doesn't know. It is at one of these funerals that he meets Maude.


What actor plays Tony Manero in "Saturday Night Fever"?

John Travolta stars as Tony, a fan of disco who dances to forget his dead-end job.


Who is NOT one of Tony's love interests in "Saturday Night Fever"?

Tony spends time with both Annette and Stephanie in the 1977 film.


What actor starred in "Heaven Can Wait"?

Warren Beatty played Joe Pendleton, a man who starts off as a player for the Los Angeles Rams before eventually buying the entire team.


Who is Joe's love interest in "Heaven Can Wait"?

Even as Joe switches bodies in an attempt to put off death, his feelings for environmental activist Betty continue to thrive.


What is the name of Bob's college girlfriend in "If Ever I See You Again"?

Bob reunites with college love Jennifer in the 1978 film.


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