Quiz: Only History Fanatics Can Name All 50 Famous Historic Figures
Only History Fanatics Can Name All 50 Famous Historic Figures
By: Valerie

About This Quiz

Are you a history buff? Do you feel if we don’t pay attention to the lessons of history, they are bound to repeat themselves? Then you’ll love this quiz, it takes the most famous people in history and helps you instantly recall their legacies. Take for instance, Alexander the Great who became king upon his father’s death and conquered most of the known world of his day. He was an inspiration for later conquerors, including Caesar and Napoleon. Go on, test your knowledge, you may be surprised at how well you do. We’re sure you can beat the 80% of people who can't name each of these famous historic figures from one image. 

When it comes to this quiz, one picture can speak a thousand words. Each image conjures up contributions to the art world, the science realm, the domain of religion and warfare, and more. Some of these historic figures blazed new paths during their lifetimes and others never received acceptance and recognition until after death. From Winston Churchill, to Genghis Khan and Darwin, the reach of each person’s influence changed lives at the historic moment and throughout the ages. Find out how well you do against the majority of people who can’t name them all. Take the quiz now. 

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