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If I tell someone that they're a "couch potato," what does that refer to?

Someone who is lazy, or stays at home and watches TV all day, might be referred to as a "couch potato." For example, "Bob has been such a couch potato since he lost his job."

To "jet" from a party means to ...

Another word for "leaving" a party or a situation is to "jet." For example, "I gotta jet. I'm already 20 minutes late!"

If you tell me to "take a chill pill," what does that mean?

Another way of saying "calm down," or "relax" is to tell someone to "take a chill pill." For example, "Steve, take a chill pill; you're being too anxious right now."

If I tell you to "cool out," what does that mean?

You might tell someone to "cool out" if they need to relax or calm down. For example, "Nathan, chill out. You're acting so rude right now."

If something is "hip," what does that mean?

A trendy item was called "hip" in the '80s. For instance, "Those shoes are so hip!"

Metal music fans who "banged" their heads with the music were called ...

"Head bangers" was an '80s term that referred to metal music fans who "banged" their heads with the beat of the music. This often involves quick nodding of the head.

To "dis" someone means to ...

To disrespect, or "dis" someone means to insult them. For example, "Dude, did you see how Bob dissed George. So uncool!"

If you want someone to "get real" about something, what does that mean?

If you want someone to think about something or someone in a realistic manner, you might tell them to "get real." For example, "Jason, you can't be jobless for the rest of your life; get real!"

To what does the word "jock" refer?

A jock is someone who participates in multiple sports (typically in a school setting). They were also considered "cool" and "popular" types of people.

If you do something stupid and I call you an "airhead," what does that mean?

Someone who is an airhead is someone who is not very smart, and they are considered to be an "idiot" by the person who called them this insult. For example, "Steve, you were such an airhead during that football game!"

If a burger was "bombdigity," it means that the burger was ...

A great burger, food item or situation was called "bombdigity" in the '80s. For example, "Your shoes are bombdigity!"

Another way of saying "favorite" is ...

"Fave" is a shortened way of saying "favorite," and was prominently used as slang in the '80s. For example, "Jessica, what's your fave outfit in your closet?"

To "bounce" from a situation means to ...

To bounce from a situation means to leave a situation. For example, "This party is dumb; let's bounce."

If someone is "down" to go to the party, what does that mean?

To be "down" for something means that you want to go to the place in question. For example, "Hey, Dan, do you want to go to my graduation next week?" "Yes, I'm down!"

If I say "this chicken is choice!" what does that mean?

Food that is referred to as "choice" means that the food is tasty. It also refers to something that is cool, like an outfit or a hairstyle.

If someone is acting crazy or ridiculous, you might tell them they are ...

If someone is "buggin'," it means they are acting ridiculous or crazy in a situation. For instance, "Dude, quit buggin' out; you're going to be fine!"

If you want someone to get away from you (in an insulting manner), you might say ...

If you want someone to get away from you, you might tell them to "kick rocks." For example, "Joe, you're being annoying. Go kick rocks."

You might call someone a "dexter" if they are ...

Someone who is intelligent or a "nerd" in school might have been called a "dexter" in the '80s. For example, "George is such a dexter."

If someone is acting ridiculous, you might say they are ...

A "juiced" person is someone who acts ridiculous or rambunctious in nature. For example, "Steve, stop acting so juiced, you're embarrassing yourself."

Another phrase for "duh" is ...

"Doi" is another word for "duh." For example, "This is how you solve the puzzle, Sarah." "Doi! Why didn't I think of that?"

If this party is "crunk," what does that mean?

If a situation is "crunk," it means that it's awesome or cool in nature. It can also refer to other types of formal events. For example, "This wedding is crunk!"

The mullet hairstyle in the '80s was also referred to as a ...

Someone who wore a mullet hairstyle was most likely called a "hairdog" in the '80s. For example, "Adam is such a hairdog with that mullet cut!"

If I tell you to "bag your face," what does that mean?

If I tell you to "bag your face," it means that I want you to shut your mouth. For example, "Bob, you're being obnoxious. Bag your face!"

If a situation is not great, you might call it a ...

If a situation is "bunk," it means that it's not a great situation. For example, "Ugh, I have to work tomorrow. That is so bunk!"

If I ask you, "can you relate?" what am I asking you?

Wanting empathy is mutual with the phrase "can you relate?" For example, "Ugh, my boyfriend just broke up with me and it's been really hard. Can you relate?"

If something is "flash," what does that mean?

The word "flash" refers to something or someone that is cool and awesome. For example, "Your hairstyle is so flash today!"

If something or someone is really cool, they are referred to as ...

If someone is "boss," it means they are really cool. For example, "That shirt is boss," or "Dude, your speech was so boss."

To _______ someone means to insult them.

To burn someone means to insult them. For example, "Steve your head looks like a ping pong ball." "Wow, you just burned him bad."

If I say that shirt is "butters," what does that mean?

If something or someone is referred to as "butters," it means that it's cool, or "smooth like butter." For example, "That hairstyle is butters!"

If you want to get the "411" on someone, what does that mean?

To get the "411" on someone means that you want information about them. For example, "Give me the 411 on my friend, Ashley; how's she doing?"

To what does the word "ace" refer?

A great situation, or something that went better than expected, might be referred to as an "ace." For example, "I aced that quiz yesterday!"

If someone is a "boho," what does that mean?

Hippies were often called "bohos" back in the day. This also refers to someone who wore Bohemian-style clothes, which was was loose and free-flowing.

What does the phrase "big time" mean?

The phrase, "big time," is like a vocal exclamation mark that is used at the end of a sentence. The situation in the context could also be either good or bad. For example, "Dan, did you get fired?" "Oh yeah, big time!"

In the '80s, a "betty" referred to ...

A female who was mean in nature was often called a "betty." For instance, "Sarah is being such a betty lately!"

Something that is uncool might be called ...

Something that is "lame" is synonymous with something that is uncool in nature. For example, "Your outfit is so lame."

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About This Quiz

A variety of slang words and phrases were popular in the '80s and were used to describe feelings, emotions and situations. Some of these slang words were meant to insult someone, while others were meant as compliments. Let's take a look at some of these popular '80s slang words.

"Lame" was one of the most popular slang words during the 1980s and was used to describe something that was uncool in nature. An example of this word in a sentence would be, "Your haircut is so lame." Another word that was used to insult or dismiss someone was "kick rocks." This phrase was synonymous with "get out of here; I don't want to talk to you anymore."

Here are some phrases that were synonymous with the words cool/great: bombdigity, choice, butters, and crunk. For example, "This burger is bombdigity" means that the burger is really good. Or how about, "This rave is crunk," which means that the rave is cool and awesome.

This quiz is a compilation of 35 slang words and phrases from the 1980s that will test your knowledge!  Do you think you can blast to the past by scoring at least 90 percent on this quiz? Try it now to find out!

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