Quiz: Only 1 in 30 People Can Name These Gardening Tools From an Image. Are You One of Them?
Only 1 in 30 People Can Name These Gardening Tools From an Image. Are You One of Them?
By: Chelsea
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About This Quiz

Can you tell a shovel from a spade? Know the difference between a cultivator and a transplanter? Show off that green thumb with this gardening tools quiz!

Everyone knows that gardening comes with some pretty obvious benefits. First all all, you get gorgeous flowers out of the deal. If you choose to, you can grow your own food. Even if your gardening skills are less than stellar, you can still enjoy the very act itself, including the time surrounded by fresh air and sunshine. 

In addition to these well-known advantages, there are emotional, mental and physical benefits even a modest garden can provide. According to the Michigan State University Extension, gardening brings mental clarity and an intrinsic sense of reward. The practice also gives people a sense of tranquility and relaxation -- which is good for maintaining mental peace and keeping stress in check. Finally, gardening serves as a form of moderate exercise, which comes with a whole host of benefits -- from reduced risk of obesity to a lower risk of many different diseases and health conditions.

And yet, for all its offerings, there is one universal gardening truth that must be acknowledged - growing a successful garden is hard. Even those with the greenest of thumbs can fall victim to weather, pests, soil or plain bad luck. You can do everything right and still end up with a bunch of dead plants.

Fortunately, the right tools and equipment can make the job easier and improve your odds for success, but do you know which tools you need? Take our quiz to prove it!

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