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Which gardening tool was featured in the painting "American Gothic"?

Used primarily to toss hay around, the pitchfork has a long handle with several long spikes that grab material, like cut grass or hay. Watch your toes when stabbing this baby toward the ground.


Which tool removes unwanted plants?

The weed whacker is a great tool for cutting down grass or brush, especially in hard-to-reach places or steep hills that mowers cannot access. Generally gas powered, the spinning head has a tough string that cuts weeds, brush and grass efficiently.


Which gardening tool can help in a Zen garden?

Toothed garden rakes are an aggressive style of rake, best for moving sand on the golf course or larger material like rocks. Not ideal for leaves, the toothed garden rake has a long handle and metal rake end.


What is used as vitamins for your plants?

Use this gardening product when you want to enhance the growth of your plants, indoors or outdoors. With many different variations and strengths, fertilizer can make or break your garden’s production yields.


What should gardeners wear to protect their hands?

Use these when you want to protect the delicate skin on your hands when laboring in the garden. Gardening gloves are an essential tool for your gardening adventures.


What will help gardeners remember which plants are where?

An unassuming but valuable asset, the plant label is a great way to make sure your garden is organized and identifiable. Plant labels are a great way to make sure you pick the right veggies!


Which gardening tool breaks up soil?

This tiller consists of a long handle at one end and several rotating digging wheels or spikes that break apart the earth. Some versions may also have a fixed set of prongs that dig and a T-handle on the other end to twist the earth apart.


Which gardening tool is used to chop wood?

The classic tool for cutting wood or chopping down trees, the axe has a sharp metal head that slices into the wood like a knife into butter. The other end is a wooden or fiberglass handle that the user grips and swings. Make sure you spread your feet apart and practice basic safety when using this tool.


Which gardening tool distributes water?

A hose is a great tool for getting precious water to your plants. Coming in variable lengths, it can also be used for clean-up jobs or keeping your puppy entertained!


Where do gardeners put their eggshells and coffee grounds?

This tool is great for recycling everyday items into usable plant food. The compost bin is an ideal way to let science take its natural course and recycle food waste into fertilizer.


Which gardening tool ties things up?

Used for tying up plants to support stakes, twine is an essential gardening tool. Whether you are securing your start-up plants or reinforcing your fence, twine is key for your garden.


Which gardening tool grooms your grass?

The lawnmower is certainly the best tool for managing the length of the grass in your yard, ball field or farm. Generally gas powered, the lawnmower can be a simple single blade that you walk behind or a set of multiple spinning cutting blades that the user rides atop of.


What item helps plants stand tall?

One end is sharp to drive into the soi; the other is blunt, for hammering. The wooden stake is great for securing weed barriers or underlayment, or for supporting young plants.


What protects a gardener's feet in wet conditions?

These are a must if you are trying to protect your feet for work all day in the garden or on the farm. Mud boots are water resistant, heavily treaded and come up close to the knees.


What gadget attaches to the end of a hose?

A water nozzle attaches to the end of a hose to control the flow of the water spray. The threaded end screws onto the hose to make a watertight seal. The handle is used to control the spray.


Which item distributes water over a wide area?

Used to water plants in a larger area or garden, a sprinkler connects to the hose and shoots streams of water out and up to cover the area in need of a drink.


Which gardening tool is mostly used in autumn?

Large and triangular, this rake is perfect for yards or areas with a lot of trees, particularly in the fall. What's not to enjoy about raking huge piles of leaves and jumping in them?


Which tool digs deep ridges in the ground?

The trench shovel has a skinnier, sharper point than the traditional shovel. This blade shape aids the user in “trenching” or ditch digging, by allowing the shovel to operate well below the surface of the soil.


Which gardening tool is used to gather and move things?

The scoop is good for moving dirt, small rock or scooping your litter box! Use this tool in the garden to plant bulbs as well.


Which gardening tool helps to transport heavy items?

The primary tool to move material from point A to point B, the wheelbarrow consists of a wheel and axle, a big bucket and two handles. The wheelbarrow is an entirely necessary tool for a large garden.


Which is used to cut trees into tiny pieces?

Great for turning smaller branches into wood chips for the garden. A wood chipper is ideal when doing any tree removal projects.


Which gardening tool is used to dig precisely in a small area?

This tool is great for hand digging in the garden. The hand trowel fits in any tool belt or bag. The sharp small shovel end cuts through the dirt and preps the earth for planting.


What is used to hold and protect growing plants?

Have you wanted to start a garden but feel you don't have the space? Try a micro-garden! Pick up some garden containers and your favorite flowers, herbs or veggies, then plant away!


Which item shelters plants from bad weather?

Do you know which plants are most prone to dying from frost? Potted plants, soft woods and currently blooming plants are likely to die when the frost comes. Protect your beloved flora by using these protection bags.


What device tills large areas?

For larger gardens, the disc harrow is used to till up the soil and break apart weeds and last year's remnants. The disc harrow can also be used to prepare trenches before planting seeds and small plants.


Which gardening tool is used to moisten soil?

The watering can is a basic necessity, especially if you have a large garden and no sprinkler system. It is also useful for making indoor plant watering efficient and easy.


Which gardening tool can pull weeds?

This tool is used to remove weeds or stir up soil. A loop hoe has a long handle with a metal loop at the other end that aids the user in tilling the earth to a specific depth and soil consistency.


Which decorative items are homes for plants?

Terra-cotta pots are a time-honored favorite. For the eco-friendly gardener, try biodegradable planting pots. Some common biodegradable pots are Jiffy-Strips, Western Pulp and fiber.


Which gardening tool reduces knee stress?

Kneeling pads are just for those gardeners with knee problems; they're a great proactive solution for any gardener of any age! Keep your joints young by taking one of these with you next time you're weeding or planting on your knees for extended periods of time.


Which gardening tool makes things flat and stable?

A gardening tamper is a square of cast iron (or another strong metal) with a long, wooden pole attached to it. If you need one of these, go to your local hardware store and look in the "striking tool" section.


What items hold baby plants?

Did you know that the largest seed in the world is that of a palm tree, and it can weigh up to 40 pounds? Don't try to put one of these in your seed tray!


Which gardening tool can break rocks?

The pickaxe is shaped like the letter T; there's a wooden handle on the bottom and a strong metal bar on the top. It is a strong tool that can break apart stone and other hard materials.


Which gardening tool is used to prepare soil for planting?

A draw hoe tills the earth with a steel blade. Consisting of a long handle with a flat, sharpened steel blade at one end, the draw hoe is great for getting the soil ready for planting in the spring.


Which gardening tool is used for digging?

This is the classic, primary hand digging tool. Consisting of a full length handle and a steel blade, the spade can dig just about anything.


Which gardening tool gathers rain?

A water barrel looks like a large drum and is also called a rain barrel. Planning to catch a lot of rain? There's even a 1,000-gallon size!


What accessory keeps gardening supplies organized and handy?

A gardening tool belt is a great way to store the various hand tools needed to get the job done. Coming in various styles and sizes, these belts have lots of pockets and loops to hold all of your tools.


Which gardening tool moves things from here to there?

Used like a broom, the yard brush has a bottom that is narrower and more compact than a garage broom. It has rough, flexible bristles that can whisk away anything you don't want!


What is used for digging?

Why is this tool called a round mouth shovel? Take a look at the blade part of it. It's more rounded than a regular shovel. It's a great everyday shovel, to be used for digging and for moving materials.


Which sharp tool is shown here?

This special knife can be used in many gardening applications. With a flatter, wider blade than the traditional table knife, the gardening knife may have a serrated edge to aid when weeding or cutting plants.


Which gardening tool shapes shrubbery?

Pruners are like heavy-duty scissors with very long handles. The extra length provides leverage, for greater cutting power.


Which gardening tool attacks individual plant intruders?

This tool has a hand grip that's connected to a metal spike with a split prong at the end. The weeder’s split prong is good for grabbing plants and weeds and ripping them up to the surface for removal.


What acts as a blanket for your garden bed?

A weed cover, also known as weed fabric, is useful for places you want to preserve for planting but aren't quite ready to actually plant in yet. It's a great alternative to black plastic, crushed stone and organic mulches.


Which gardening tool is a type of scissors?

Secateurs - or pruning shears - are a fancy pruning tool that you can easily use with just one hand. They are tough enough for outdoor plants, yet compact enough for indoor trimming.


Which accessory is equally at home in a garden or a kitchen?

Protect your nice duds when wearing your gardening apron. Some aprons come with pockets to hold hand tools or other small items. The garden tool can save some real coin if you care about your clothes!


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