Quiz: Only True Gamers Can Name All 50 Retro Video Games
Only True Gamers Can Name All 50 Retro Video Games
By: J. Scott Wilson

About This Quiz

Do you need cheat codes or are you skilled enough to beat this quiz?

We've all seen how certain aspects of pop culture; like fashion and music, from earlier decades (like the 60s, 70s, and 80s) can experience a resurgence in popularity in modern years - well, the same can be said for video gaming as well. Retrogaming is a relatively young trend that has quickly become popular due to factors like nostalgia and advances in technology. In this quiz, we'll be taking a look at a wide variety of retro games from different genres, so that we can put your gaming knowledge to the ultimate test.

Retro games are usually classified nowadays as any video game that was created from the 1970s to the late 1990s (and now even recently video games from the early 2000s are sometimes considered as well). Retrogaming has become so popular nowadays, that an entire subculture within the gaming community has sprung up around the concept. This has lead to notable occurrences like exhibitions, tournaments, and even displays in museums.

So c'mon, make sure that you collect all of the power-ups that you need and let's go back in time with this cool retro video game quiz!

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