Quiz: 83% of People Can't Name These Top Grossing Films From an Image! Can You?
83% of People Can't Name These Top Grossing Films From an Image! Can You?
By: Chelsea
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." If you're a movie buff, you'll definitely care about this quiz!

Movies have had a long history. Around the last decade of the 19th century, films started being produced. Although they were far from the common two- or three-hour surround-sound films of today, they were innovative. These films started with under a minute of content, and they wouldn't be paired with sound until the late 1920s.

While there have been numerous box office flops, how well do you know the best-selling films of all time? These films have sold millions, if not billions, of dollars worth of tickets. 

One of the oldest films on the list, the 1939 classic Gone With The Wind was the highest-grossing film for decades. Since then, the list has grown to include fan favorites like Star Wars, The Sound of Music and Titanic. Of the 50 highest grossing films ever made, how many can you remember? 

Can you recognize Leonardo DiCaprio gazing lovingly into Kate Winslet's eyes? Which Marvel film shows Captain America racing into a fight against Iron Man? Can you name the film in which Emma Watson dressed as a Disney princess, versus her role as a brilliant witch?

Millions of people paid to watch the films on this list, and we're curious to see if you'd be bringing in the big bucks with your score! Will you reign supreme at the box office or will you flop? Lights, camera, action!

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